The Stolen Throne

Author: David Gaider
Type: aBook
Date Released: 0000
Format: mp3
Language: English
Page Count: 0
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The thrilling prequel to Dragon Age: Origins, the hit role-playing video game from award-winning developer BioWare!Dragon Age: The Stolen ThroneAfter his mother, the beloved Rebel Queen, is betrayed and murdered by her own faithless lords, young Maric becomes the leader of a rebel army attempting to free his nation from the control of a foreign tyrant.His countrymen live in fear; his commanders consider him untested; and his only allies are Loghain, a brash young outlaw who saved his life, and Rowan, the beautiful warrior maiden promised to him since birth. Surrounded by spies and traitors, Maric must find a way to not only survive but achieve his ultimate destiny: Ferelden's freedom and the return of his line to the stolen throne.

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